6 thoughts on “Open from 26th May, 2018 – Every Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm”

    1. Hi Bec, thanks for your enquiry. Yes we will be open all long weekend. Saturday, Sunday & Monday 10am to 4pm. Hope you visit. Regards Ann

    1. Hi Lisa, A small dog on a lead is fine – just keep in mind that it is your responsibility to keep on the lead and safe for it and others. There are lots of young children and chickens running around the farm so you will need to keep your small dog under control.

      Hope you visit… Regards Ann

  1. Hi – we visited the farm last year and the family had a great time.
    Just wondering if you will be open on Monday this long weekend?

    1. Yes – we will be open each day of the long weekend – Saturday, Sunday & Monday Public Holiday
      10am to 4pm. Have some excellent produce, Imperial mandarins are juicy and perfect for pyo. Tahitian limes, seedless lemons and cumquats are also very popular and are grown on our farm. Hope you visit. Regards Ann Watkins

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